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The Commercial Audition"It's about time someone who's really been there and done that wrote a book of practical advice venturing in the sometimes perplexing world of commercial auditions ...I found David's book to be a great addition to any actor's toolbox!"
-Donna Dewey, Academy Award winning Director and Producer

CoachDalton Books offers a Special Limited Time Only release!

The paperback version will be released very soon! For a limited time, friends, students and newsletter subscribers can take advantage of this Pre-Release Offer and download "The Commercial Audition" EBook Version right now!

Most of what David Dalton teaches in his Commercial Audition Workshops are covered in this book!

  • Bursting your Ego Bubble
  • Exercises that Make Sense
  • Overcome the Post-Audition Condition
  • Owning the Audition
  • The Dos and Don'ts of Networking
  • Headshot and Marketing Tips
  • How to get the Best Audition Training
  • ... and more
David's EBook is easily and immediately downloadable in a PDF file. This EBook version will only be available for a short time.

David Andrew DaltonDavid Andrew Dalton is a veteran actor, coach and casting director. As an actor, he has auditioned for hundreds of casting directors, been in dozens of casting offices and appeared in over 60 TV commercials. He's lived, worked and trained in Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles. David has also conducted hundreds of commercial casting sessions. But what gives this author a unique perspective and insight into the audition process is his background in the Behavioral Sciences. David holds certifications in Behavioral Therapy and specializes in the creative process, how people learn, and how they overcome fear-based "blocks".

The Commercial Audition will not only guide you through the business of commercial acting, but will also guide you through mental challenges that can make or break you!